Monday, February 22, 2010

Show & Tell

I have the bad habit of losing touch with the people I love the most when I am swamped and stressed with school, activities, etc.  I can't be selfish anymore.  Thankfully, I've recovered very dear relationships that I allowed to slip away.  I need my family and friends in my life, and I haven't lived up to what they deserve.  I don't want to survive on memories; I want to make those memories.

The semester is starting to pick up again, and I don't want to fall into this antisocial mode.  If I do, you are perfectly welcome to smack me.  Or force me to eat melted ice cream.

And isn't the ghost friends necklace so precious??  It's from this darling Etsy shop .  My sister bought it for me in October, and I've tried to wear it everyday since then because I love it so much (and it reminds me of us!).

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