Friday, February 19, 2010

Scoreboard Shenanigans

Mono wants me to tell u that the msg was: precious and sleepy came all the way from hk to see the lakers win!!!

LOL!!!! wow
he should've made it more fobby

Fobbier? They prolly thought we really ARE named precious and sleepy!! He said now: i have good time watch lakers. I shouldve written it crams like.

due to scarlet fever
precious and sleepy come all way from hk for lakers winning. happiness!
once there was worrrrmmm..

LOL!! I did come from hk and i do watch the lakers game them. Stuffs.
LOL!!! Mono laughed muy hard. Silent shaking. 'I come china see kobe and lakers victory' 
LOL see monkey failed. he wasn't fob enough
he could've written it daddy style too, but that would've never fit on the scoreboard. "feb. 16, 2010 8:10 p.m. My companion Precious and myself, Sleepy, arrived for the sole purpose of enthusiastically supporting the NBA Lakers team and their efforts for a victorious and successful outcome tonight; despite the inevitable struggles, I am confident that they will use their professional skills to the best of their abilities .
monkey is done

OMG LOL!!!!! Im dying (gasping for air)

that should be my great american novel: How to Talk Like My Parents

Thatd be awesome, itd be pretty funny. 'Chapter 1: What does that K mean anyway?'

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