Thursday, July 22, 2010

my first sketchbook

When I was a little munchkin, I doodled my heart out in this red sketchbook with the help of my sister.  My sister wrote "Daphne's Notebook" for me...and you can ignore the other stuff that some crazy little girl wrote...
My sister drew that little caricature of me, and I drew one back for her.  Too bad she's missing a third of her hair.
D.O.L.'s. (daily oral language).  Wow, really?  Realllly??  This is what I wrote in my sketchbook?  No wonder I'm an English nerd.  Anyways, my sister drew that penguin and crab.
And that Easter Bunny and Creepy Crawler.  Don't ask.
You see, my sister taught me how to draw.  She would sketch things in marker for me, and I would trace the image on the opposite page because the marker would bleed through.  Thanks, Leslie!

Yesterday, I taught teens how to tie-dye at the library.  One of the girls I talked to told me that when she grows up, she wants to be a draw-er.  It brought a big smile to my face because I've been so absorbed with my major and minors that I forgot that used to be a dream of mine too: simply drawing and investing myself in a career that isn't even a proper word.

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