Tuesday, July 6, 2010

tuesday tell-all: friends are

+ the kids who out-ran everyone else to save you a seat on the swingset
+ the people who can talk with you for hours at a time despite months of absence
+ the sister who took the time to send so many cards to me at home while she was studying and working in CA
+ the gals who read your blog and discover your etsy without you even knowing
+ the best friends who tell you that they drive past your house every now and then even though they know you're thousands of miles away
Friendship has been on my mind lately; the ugly and pretty sides of it.  I've had my share of falling-outs...that's why I compiled the brief list above.  It documents a few of those love-you-like-a-sister friendships that I have been blessed with.  And lucky me, I have a sister!  As my dad would say, "I've hit the jackpot!"  (although my dad says that when we're waiting for a table at a restaurant and they call our number haha).

By the way, hello to my new followers, and thank you so much for following!  I'm so happy that you like what you see!


  1. Love you Daf! Bring in the clownssssssss (Catherin style)

  2. LOL!!!! hahahahaha we need to record that or make a music video like the ones we did for disney and anastasia songs.


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