Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is quickly approaching!  Although it's not my favorite holiday, I really enjoy dressing up.  So if you may be struggling with costume ideas, I will compile a list of costumes I have worn in the twenty years of my life.  

Unfortunately I do not have the photographs for the majority of these costumes so use your imagination!

[Please note that these costumes are cute and creative- the kind of costumes that give justice to Halloween.  The only time I have ever worn a scandalous costume was when I dressed up as a Playboy bunny, but that was for a Las Vegas Hotels theme (I was The Palms), and that wasn't Halloween.]

[Also note that most of these costumes are Fall weather friendly!  Growing up in Chicago, my mom  was always sure that my attire would accommodate the chilly weather.  And although I never got to be Tinkerbell as a kid, more importantly, I never got sick from a poorly-planned costume.] 

The baby years:  
Pink frog (shown above)
Strawberry Shortcake (white bonnet, red sweatshirt, red sweatpants, white apron)
Jill from the Jack and Jill nursery rhyme: Gray vintage-inspired dress, braids, straw basket

Cheerleader- cheerleader sweater, cheerleader skirt, pom poms 

First Grade:
Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz: white sweater, blue plaid pinafore dress, white socks, glittery silver shoes that I wore to my uncle's wedding (I was always sad that I didn't get red shoes for this outfit, but I remember my mom told me, "How often are you going to wear glittery red shoes?" [I attended a private school so glittery red shoes were probably prohibited]).  Yay practicality!

Second Grade:
Fairy: white dress that I wore to my uncle's wedding, glow-in-the-dark wand that my mom wrapped in aluminum foil, sparkly white shoes with white tights

Third grade:
Mulan: store bought Mulan dress, hair in bun with lotus flower hair clip, red lantern prop from Chinatown

Fourth grade:
Bunny rabbit: white sweatshirt, white sweatpants with cotton balls glued on the back, bunny ears (from Easter)

Fifth grade:
Tigger: store bought Tigger skirt (with tail attached) and Tigger ears headband, orange shirt, tiger stripes drawn on my face with eyeliner

Sixth grade:
Minnie Mouse: red polka dot dress, Minnie ears, black tights, black shoes, mouse nose drawn on my nose in eyeliner

Seventh grade:
Mime: striped shirt, black jacket, black pants, black shoes, black top hat, white face paint, red lipstick, black triangles drawn under my eyes in eyeliner.

Eighth grade:

Charlie's Angels: black skirt, white-collared black top, black knee high socks, black shoes intense face

High School Freshman:
Fairy (again): Black and pink sparkly Tinkerbell shirt, black and pink skirt, fairy wings, shiny heels, glow in the dark wand

Cho Chang: plaid skirt, navy blazer, white button down shirt, navy and gray tie, black knee high socks, black shoes, tree branch as a wand

Bunny (kind of)- my friend pinned bunny ears and a bunny tail to me

I fell out of the Halloween spirit and didn't dress up.  But I wore my "Nightmare before Christmas" shirt!

College Freshman:
Halloween spirit was still gone I think.

Underage Chinese gymnast: red track jacket, red shorts, obnoxious blue eye shadow, hair in a bun with a red scrunchie, gold-wrapped medallion necklace

TINKERBELL!  Finally my dreams are coming true!  I will be wearing the wings and tiara as pictured above in my profile along with a green dress and gold flats.

What are your Halloween plans?  Do you have your costume(s)?


  1. ahah charlie's angel "intense face" is the best! and you're really pretty!

    I am not into costumes or halloween really (I live in Italy, someone do celebrate it but not most of people), this year I stayed home watching a movie with my boyfriend and our doggy :D

    ps thanks for following!

  2. Wow you have an incredible memory! I can't even remember what I wore 3 days ago!!

    I dressed up as cleopatra this yeah heheh :3

  3. I loved reading this post!


  4. @sara: Wow, thank you! You're so kind. That sounds like a cozy Halloween. And thank YOU for following!
    @Briana: haha! ooo cleopatra! nice!
    @Ayeisha: thanks for stopping by. you have an awesome blog!


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