Friday, October 22, 2010

I'll admit that I screamed a few times, but it was pretty entertaining especially when I asked the monsters if they had candy!  We had stopped at McDonald's beforehand where I got a spiffy Happy Meal candy bucket.  Throughout the night, I held out my bucket and kindly asked for treats.  Some monsters were completely caught off guard and broke out of character because they thought I was giving candy to them. 

I love interacting with people who work at theme parks!  I've had funny, giggly encounters with serious, stone-cold Terror of Tower cast members.  I've received compliments and (maybe even flirting??) from Autopia cast members when I wear my Tinkerbell wings and tiara.  I've exchanged "Fight On!"s with the woman who scanned my ticket at the front gate.  When I was younger, I was told that the stuffed animal turtles in my purse were "great turtles!  Those are some great turtles!" 

That's why I always dress up when I go to Disneyland.  You'll never know what new friends you'll make!

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