Tuesday, October 19, 2010

notes to myself

  • Clean.  And clean often.
    • I spent a large portion of Sunday cleaning out the fridge and washing dishes.  My schedule has been so packed that I barely have time to clean dishes, take out the trash, organize, dust, etc.  But after all the nastiness I had to clean, I'm going to be better about cleaning my messes immediately.  This is why I don't like to procrastinate; the longer you wait, the worse it gets.  And moldier.  Eww.
  • Someone is always watching
    •   On Sunday, I also biked to the art school to return a Canon Rebel I had borrowed for my photography project.  It was a hazy day, and I felt completely disorientated after sleeping for (much-needed) 13 hours.  It was noon and I had to return the camera by 1:00 or else face a $25 late fee.  I normally walk my bike through my building's parking garage because I don't trust the drivers on the sharp turns.  As I was walking my bike through the entrance gate, I accidentally rammed my bike's handle into the gate arm.  It made a loud clink, and I lost my balance a little because the heavy camera makes my basket unstable.  Anyway, I momentarily struggled to mount my bike, but I was soon on my merry way.  Yet as I was riding towards campus, a security guard shouted "Hey!  Ma'am!  You!  Are you alright???"  Thank goodness I was on my bike so I could roll away from my embarrassment as swiftly as possible.
  • Research more recipes.
    • I ate this for dinner last night (I substituted hard-boiled eggs for the feta) with mahi mahi from Trader Joe's, and it was glorious. 

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