Thursday, October 14, 2010

Parents' Weekend recap!

Friday morning began with Parents' Weekend Breakfast
While my parents went on a PPD tour around the city, I was at work and munching on leftover danishes from that morning.  We were reunited at band practice where my mom learned to 'fight on' again and my dad boldly whipped out the camcorder and attempted to identify my friends on the field.
Korean bbq dinner with my roommate and her parents that night (along with plenty of birthday songs and sass from the waiters).
Sunday: Irvine invasion began with madness at 85 Degree Cafe (mochi egg tarts and sea salt coffee were my favs) 
Fried beef buns (my mom slipped up and called them "fried beefcakes" hahaha) from A&J Restaurant
Yes, the buns were so juicy that they dripped onto the sidewalk when we bit into them.  I have never felt so civilized.
Lunch at The Balcony.  Look!  They even have monkey food!  ("mozella" sticks)
Shave snow is always a win. 
Dinner at Mozza Pizzeria


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