Wednesday, January 5, 2011

panic packing!

I'm heading back to L.A. tomorrow morning.  I needed to take a break from packing because there is SO MUCH to bring back (mainly gifts and food).  I've barely even packed my clothes, and my luggage and carry ons are already full.  I don't mind packing for trips as I imagine all the fun adventures I will have in my outfits and the foods I will eat and treasures I will bring back.  However, packing after the trip tends to get me down.  The excitement has stretched itself over two and a half weeks.  Now I must return to school and stress (which is already creeping on me now as I attempt to zip my luggage shut and pray that it's not over 50 lbs. and that I can either stuff my carry ons into the seat in front of me or not tip over when I try to shove them in the overhead bins...I've also received a wave of welcome e-mails from my professors this semester which I'll have to go back and read later and buy textbooks....).
 Dear airport people,
Please have sympathy for me!

Do any of you have packing troubles too?


  1. i haven't started packing yet, but i am afraid to see how much space it's going to take up in the car... yikes! i hope it all comes together for you :)

  2. yay agnes! she is so cute! I hope your packing stress gets better. Love you!



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