Friday, January 7, 2011

sprinkled with sweetness

When I saw Twinkie Chan's pattern for a cupcake scarf, I instantly knew I had to make it.  And who better to make it for than two of my best friends for Christmas?
(this was our pose when we were told to "act silly" lol.  i guess we were stroking the tree?)

To be honest, when I saw that Twinkie Chan was selling the scarf for $175, I was pretty shocked.  However, after making the scarf (well, two of them), I completely understand that it is a fair price.  These scarves were an incredible amount of work mainly because there are so many loose ends to weave in (and I like to sew them down to make it extra secure).  I didn't have time to make cherries for each cupcake but I had a lot of fun with the seed bead "sprinkles."  It was worth every effort when my friends opened their gift (which was belated because, like I said, it was a lot more labor-intensive that I had anticipated.  Oops).  Their smiles, hugs, and thank-you texts were so heartwarming, and I truly appreciate their support for my handmade-ness ever since we were little.

In the future, I'd like to use a bigger hook and maybe thicker yarn because the scarves came out a bit thin and shorter than I expected.  I would gladly make another one.  All of Twinkie Chan's designs are so darn cute!

I'm also beginning to log some projects in a Ravelry account.  Check it out here.
I think most of the website is limited to Ravelry users, but I made my page public.  If you have a Ravelry account, check out Twinkie Chan's Ravelry group.  Lots of talented, creative people took their own spin on the cupcake scarf as well!


  1. um, loveeeee the scarf!

    ps. i've chosen you for the 'stylish blogger award' so go check it out on my bloggity blog!

  2. omg, I am obsessed with cupcakes, that is SO cute!

  3. DAF I LOVE MY SCARF! I have the most talented best friend ever!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
    -Jennifer :D

  4. WOW!!! that scarf is too adorable!


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