Monday, January 10, 2011

stylish blogger award

I received the Stylish Blogger Award from Ashley AND Susanne.  What a lucky week!  Thank you so much!

The Rules:
1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Award to 15 recently discovered bloggers.
4. Contact these bloggers and tell them about this award.

7 things about myself:
1.  I was first intrigued by crochet when I went to Toys R' Us with my mom about ten years ago.  We were looking for a birthday gift for my cousin and came upon a Barbie crochet dress machine that I HAD to have.  It was on sale for $15 and basically crocheted tube dresses although it got jammed sometimes.  I taught myself how to crochet in junior high/early high school with the help of this book my mom bought for me.  I worked on a long scarf for a while, but I was careless with counting stitches and maintaining tension so it looked a little crazy and was left unfinished until my sister discovered the magical world of amigurumi (the cute crochet stuffed animals!).  I had seen pictures of ami before, but I didn't realize that's what it was called.  Crochet isn't just for grandmas anymore!
2.  As illustrated above, I tend to buy things for myself when I am supposed to be shopping for gifts.  That is one reason why I prefer making gifts.
3.  My favorite gelato flavors are hazelnut or sea salt caramel.
4.  I always order mango watermelon boba.
5.  Since starting college, I have developed quite the sweet tooth.
6.  I would rather sit at home in sweats, reading, blogging, or crafting instead of going out to a club or partying.
7.  I'm in the process of writing a script for USC Nikkei's 4th Annual Culture Show (I'm also the secretary of the club).  I need to stop blogging for tonight to finish up the script!

15 stylish bloggers in no particular order (who aren't all necessarily recently discovered):
1.  precious lil things
2.  fancy biscuit
3.  Twinkie Chan
4.  blessed bee
5.  ohsocutevintage
6.  anonymous was a woman.
7.  Kyla Roma
8.  <3 elycia
9.  A Spoonful of Love
10.  i-zilla the terrible
11.  michabella
12.  Femmena Mala
13.  Sandy a la Mode
14.  Lola's Girl
15.  wow! so sparkly


  1. You are too sweet! And your blog is SO cute!!! I am with ya on #6...though in College I was a wild child! LOL! <333

  2. Thank you for the mention!! This is so awesome! <3

  3. oohhhh! you are just too lovely for thinking of me!

    thanks so much friend!


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