Monday, February 7, 2011

hello, hello kitty!

I went to Urth Caffé twice this weekend and FINALLY got a Hello Kitty Spanish Latté!  Actually, not one, but TWO.  The first time, I ordered a medium and I think the size messed up the proportions of her face so it looked like a mouse or something instead (pictures to come soon).  But when I went two days later, I got the perfect Hello Kitty face in my small Spanish Latté, and Andi got one in her small African Tea Latté.

Date nights with my closest girl friends are always a treat.  We laugh up a storm, we think and say the same things at the same time ("what happened?!?? HAHAHAHAHA"), the cashiers sassy us ("Your total is $25...well it's actually only $5 but the Hello Kitty design costs $20), we giggle because we can't understand the mumbles, I accidentally catapult utensils from the table, all the other diners stare at us....I know they're secretly jealous of our good times!

Thank you for a great time, Marilyn and Andi!  And thank you for driving us, Josh!


  1. I think the people that do the designs on lattes are amazing! I tried once before...haha complete fail :)
    That looks way too cute to drink.
    We have to go get it when i (eventually) come to visit!


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