Monday, May 9, 2011

hooray for mommy!

Last summer, I volunteered at the library where my mom works.  I found myself interacting with almost all of her co-workers, and when they asked me who I was, I was so proud to tell them, "I'm Mary's daughter!"  Every time, they responded with a positive reaction full of praise about my mom and the work she does for the library.
Mommy, you are the strongest and hardest working person I know.  I am always amazed at your selflessness and appreciative of your sacrifices.  I'm so sorry that I didn't send you a card or gift on Mother's Day.  Even though I was really busy with finals, that should be no excuse for me to overlook such an important holiday.  You always make time for me no matter what, and I should have done the same.  I hope that my phone call yesterday and this blog post will suffice for now, but be prepared to receive something awesome in the mail soon!
I really miss you, and after looking through these pictures last night at like 3 A.M., I found myself in tears!  I am so blessed to have you as my mommy.

Thank you for teaching me to embrace new sights, tastes, and adventures.  Thank you for giving me so many opportunities and for encouraging me to follow my passions.
Thank you for spending time with me.  When I was younger, you made sure that we always did something fun on the the weekends so that I wouldn't get too stressed out from school.  I'll always cherish that time I spent with you whether it was shopping at the mall, visiting food fests, buying matching shoes, or taking the train downtown.  Nowadays, our adventures are packed into several weeks in a year but still fun and memorable nevertheless!
I'm so glad that I inherited your laugh and your optimism.
I love being silly with you and having people recognize us like when the owner at Cloud 9 remembered us from the previous week.  I love our inside jokes (M-Burger!!!).
Most of all, thank you for loving me and accepting me especially during the times when I have been stubborn or cranky.  Thank you for always making time for me to help with homework, attend every concert and performance (even if I told you it was boring, you were always there to support me), or to just be there to listen and give me a shoulder to lean and cry on.
I love you so so soo much, and I can't wait to see you soon!

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