Wednesday, May 4, 2011

my life at the moment

My life at the moment can be summarized with this screenshot taken of the IML Showcase site that Jessie and I are coding for Dave at work.  (I don't even know what I did to cause that to happen, but it doesn't really surprise me).  The IML Showcase is on Friday...basically, the final efforts of my junior year in college are crammed into one of my most stressful and unmanageable final schedules ever.  I have a lot of blog posts to write and reflect on(Writer in the Community Gala, Nikkei Banquet, final photography critique), but that will have to wait until after I survive my IML thesis prototype presentation to the IML faculty, 10-12 pg. memoir paper for the Writer in the Community, Juvenile Hall alumni writing workshop on Thurs. night, marketing final on Fri., and IML Showcase on Fri.  @___@

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