Monday, September 19, 2011

gray is the new red?

I missed the memo, but apparently fall fashion is grayscale.  I'm trying to find a cute, fitted maroon cardigan for my senior portraits, but everything is navy, gray, or cream like the Hollister ones above.  What happened to warm and cozy fall colors?!  Any suggestions?


  1. mmm check forever 21, h&m, uo, etc. also when are your senior portraits? maybe wait a little longer for more fall clothing to come into stores?

    i have a red and maroonish cardigan you can possibly borrow, but not sure if they'll fit you.

    let me know!

    ps: my blog is back (kinda)

  2. aw thanks, helen! my senior (ah!) portraits are next thursday. i'll keep perusing but if i can't find anything decent, i'll just save money and resort to something already in my closet. i'm more concerned about the cap and gown pics anyway, but i still want to look nice for the casual pics.

    yayyyy your blog is back!!! <3 also, i've been seeing you from a distance around campus. once when i was eating lunch at the campus center with the flute section during band camp, another on sunday when you were walking past webb (i was in car). belated hello and mucho hugs!!

    p.s. your friend natasha baked for the aiga fundraiser right? i've been telling my friends and family about her amazing green tea mochi cupcakes and red bean fudge (which i didn't get to try but i bet it was amazing!). does she have a blog or sell her pastries at other events?


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