Saturday, April 28, 2012

personal update

4/5/12:  Mommy flew into L.A. for Culture Night and a weekend of food and fun around San Gabriel, Santa Monica, O Dae San for kbbq, and Syrup's for dessert!

4/7/12:  Leslie birthday and the day of Culture Night!  Both were a huge success and we celebrated with ramen at Daikokuya afterwards.
   (still waiting for my friend to upload more pictures from that night)

4/24/12:  My web portfolio site is up and running:  It'll probably get a few more facelifts when school is done, but at least I have something to show to prospective employers.

4/26/12:  The last day of my copywriting internship at Agency|51 Advertising.  It has been the best work experience by far, and I hope that this is only the beginning of a long career in advertising :) 
 From left: Megan (account services intern), Kaycie (account services intern), and Justine (graphic design intern)
Justine made me cupcakes with Hello Kitty wrappers!
 From left: Matt, Scott, Donna, Justine, and David (Tony wasn't in the office that day)

4/27/12:   Last day of classes as an undergraduate!  However, there's still plenty to do on my plate before graduation like finishing my thesis installation and writing two papers.  Baby steps!

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