Monday, December 31, 2012


It's been a year full of lots of first's.

Got my first car for my amazing internship, and my California driver's license.

Wrote and directed USC Nikkei's Culture Night which my mom came to see!
Drove my mom around LA and San Diego for lots of food adventures.

Finished my IML Senior Thesis.

Graduated from USC and became full-time employed!!!

Visited family in Norcal.
 Moved to a new apartment (this was the first meal we cooked).

Started juicing.
Saw a huge pod of dolphins while whale watching.
And got a dog one week later!
Baked a lot (these were Oreo Ghost truffles I made for Halloween).
Bought a pretty fridge after the old one broke down during Thanksgiving.
 Decorated our cute little Christmas tree.
Went bowling with my fun group of co-workers.
Saw pretty Christmas lights at Thoroughbred Street.
Enjoyed a week at home with my family.
And took lots of pictures of food!
 Happy 2013!!!

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