Sunday, April 25, 2010

In dreams

Carla and I were in bumper cars.  Then we took an elevator/ski-lift/roller-coaster to the top of VKC and didn't know when to get off, and the car lurched forward and fell down the vertical track.  In true chica loca style, Carla and I started screaming and laughing.  We somehow made it safely to the ground.  Then I was walking along a pier at dusk.  I saw Najee and another street performer taking a break from singing.  I was holding a bag of garbage as I strolled, but I abandoned it in a restaurant's empty garbage bin.  I saw a dragon floatie and a feeding frenzy school of fish.  The more I admired the water, the more homesick I became.  I was in Los Angeles, but the romantic haze and gentle waves reminded me of Chicago's Navy Pier.

My attempt at interpreting my subconscious...
elevator/ski-lift/roller coaster: looking forward to Disneyland after finals
Carla: I miss you and our chica loca shenanigans
Najee: You're an amazing performer.  Good luck at the gospel concert!
dragon floatie: I can't get the stuffed animal dragon CD case project off my mind
garbage bag: Mr. Wear and his garbage troubles with the neighbors

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