Thursday, June 24, 2010

the crazies

I'm excited to go home and spend quality time with my parents, but that also means I'll be the only child.  Strike up the band for a blog post devoted to Sisterly Appreciation!

I really like having an older much to the point that I always kind of wanted to be an older sister myself.  But I can't imagine my family any other way.  Even though we're eight years apart and have the occasional squabble, I'd say we're pretty darn perfect for each other.
I love taking awkward pictures with you and partaking in assorted goo-ling-jing-gwai activities.
There are too many things that I love about us; I'll save it for another post.  But during the wee hours of this morning, I just wanted to thank my sister Leslie for the summery good times thus far.  I plan to open my Etsy shop later today, and her feedback and support have been invaluable.  Hollaaaa!!

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