Tuesday, August 10, 2010

tuesday tell-all: lost and found

Last night, I lost something really super duper important.  Actually, I lost two things, but one thing was a lot more severe than the other.  I stayed up, freaked out, and endured some major scream attacks from my mom.  I still feel stupid about it, but I definitely learned my lesson: be more organized and less forgetful!!  I was scared to tell my mom about it, but good thing I did because she found both of the things in my room at home.  Although the truth led to a lot of scolding, she told me to wipe away my tears, take some deep breaths, and we were able to laugh some of it off.

When I was little, I used to draw and write notes of apology to my family.  I owe my mom a BIG piece of art.  I'm going to work on it now.

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