Saturday, November 20, 2010


Let this be a reminder to myself that I am not invincible.  I used to think that sacrificing sleep and health was worth it in order to get good grades and such.  I'm a workaholic; always have been, probably always will be.

But on Sunday, I got sick.  Like the most sick I have ever been away from home.  I even cried on Thursday night after I hoarsely talked to my mom on the phone.  I was so miserable and just wanted to get better!!

I had been feeling weird the week before, but I was able to fight it off with vitamins and drinking a lot of fluids.  However, last weekend I traveled with the Trojan Marching Band to Arizona.  My body did not appreciate the dehydration, desert weather, cheering and yelling during the game, and two 10 hour bus rides.  By the time we arrived back on campus at 5:45 a.m., my body was full of chills.  Things just kept going downhill from there.  I skipped a lot of my classes and one day of work, but I did not feel any better for five straight days.  My throat burned, my ears ached, I lost my voice, and chills came and went.  I went to the Health Center and did a strep test and blood test to check for mono; both were negative.  However, I felt well enough to make a stop at the pharmacy for some Sudafed and throat medicine.  I'm slowly recovering, and my voice has slightly returned!

So let this be very important proof to myself that I am not Superwoman no matter how hard I try to be.  And because I'm small and weak, my body breaks easily.  And when it does, it breaks HARD.

(p.s.  After taking medicine, I had some crazyyy dreams i.e. I was running away from a psychotic lady roaming the halls of my apartment complex.  She tried to shove toxic cookies in my mouth.  Also, I was in the laundry room hiding from a group of misfits?  I remember that I kept telling myself to call security, but then I woke up and felt silly).
(p.p.s.  It's gamedayyyyy!  Beat the beavers!)
(p.p.p.s.  I love my new Hello Kitty earmuffs from Target!)
(p.p.p.p.s.  Thank you so much for all the well wishes.  I know my health made a lot of people worried.  Some were even depressed to see me so sick and unlike my normal self.  One of my friends compared my condition to that of a sick baby unicorn.  How sad!  But thank you for keeping me in your thoughts and checking up on me. ♥)


  1. i lovee you <3
    glad you're all better now :)

    oh and omg i have to tell you, i got soo confusing using this. but i finally figured it out but changed my blog :D but i think you can still see the old posts (ahaha the tottal of 2 that i have )
    love youu


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