Monday, December 20, 2010

goodbye, hair!

Last Sunday, I went to Carlton Hair International to chop off my hair!  I was especially excited because it was my first time at a salon (I have only gotten haircuts from my mom or my cousin [who is a hairdresser]).  And thanks to the sweet, talented, and beautiful Reinna, it was the best experience I could have ever hoped for!

I've had pretty long hair for the past 4-5 years.  Last Christmas, I decided that I wanted to try a short hair-do, but I knew that if I waited a little longer, my hair would be the right length to donate to Pantene Beautiful Lengths, the same program that works with Relay for Life.  Therefore, if I save my hair until the spring, I can participate with the USC Trojan Marching Band team and earn points for our team with my hair donation.
Reinna asked me if I was nervous, but I honestly wasn't.  I was so excited (and very giggly...just ask Reinna) to get a new 'do and contribute to a meaningful and very personal cause.  I hope that my hair will help brighten the life of a cancer patient and give confidence and strength to the beautiful woman she is.
(Although after reading through the donation requirements, I probably should have had my hair tied off instead of braided before cutting, but that's ok!  I'll go through it later and tie it off in a neater, more secure ponytail.  I hope they're not too strict!) 
I love my new style!!  I love the layers in the back and puffing them up with volume with a round brush.  I've been swishing my hair back and forth a lot too.  I've forgotten the fun of short hair: easy to manage, no more accidental snags in zippers or getting caught under my purse/backpack straps, less frizz and static (especially in this Chicago chill), and faster to dry (one of the most irritating things about long hair was getting my entire back soaked as I waited for my damp hair to dry).
Reinna even cut my bangs at a versatile length so I can wear them bluntly or side swept.  Heehee I feel like a little kid again.  And even like Velma Kelly, Velma Dinkley, or Britney Spears.
I thought that I was donating 10 inches of my hair, but when I came home to measure it, I realized that the bulk of it was around 10-11 inches, and the longest layers were 16 inches!!!

I admit that I'll miss french braiding my long pigtails, curling my hair into up-dos, or having a fluffy bun on top of my head, but I really like this change.  I was willing and eager to cut my hair even shorter (I would've been fine with a pixie cut), but Reinna suggested to not cut off too much too fast.  Maybe next time!  I know I definitely want to donate my hair again.
Thank you for an awesome and unforgettable experience, Reinna!!

Your Fangirl Daphne


  1. AHHH Daphne!! i love all the pictures! You look adorable!! Gosh your hair was super long!! Can't wait to see you!!

  2. Nice, you great face for a pixie too


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