Monday, December 20, 2010

i'll be home for Christmas

I flew home yesterday, and I was greeted by 10 degrees!  I love being home, and I am so fortunate and grateful to spend 2.5 weeks with family and friends here.  Coming home always reminds me of how lucky I am especially when I walk into my room that's full of so many things that I didn't bring with me to college (clothes, toys, stuffed animals, jewelry).  There's so much stuff I own, a luxury that many people do not have.  Thank you, Mommy and Daddy, for everything you have done and continue to do to provide for me! <3

It's snowing right now heehee.  I'm tempted to use my new Nikon D5000 to take pretty pictures, but I don't want to mess around with it until I've read the instruction manual.  The camera is my Christmas gift from my parents (they're paying for half of it, and I'm paying the other half).  My other gift is an annual passport to Disneyland!  AHH!  I went twice last week, and it proved itself to be the Happiest Place on Earth yet again (even though it was raining the second time we went).
What is your favorite ride?  I love them all but especially California Screamin' at California Adventure (what do you think of the new Neil Patrick Harris intro?) and Space Mountain at Disneyland.  The Haunted Mansion is so beautiful and fun during this time of year.  I have the urge to watch "The Nightmare before Christmas" now.

And as always, I dressed up as Tinkerbell heehee!  I was a little mismatched because I had my Minnie Mouse Santa hat and fanny pack (I'm proud to wear it!).  A mother told her cute little daughter to follow behind me and referred to me as the "pretty Christmas fairy" haha.  And one of the security cast members told me that he wanted to tie me on a string and fly me around like a June bug.  I'm not even sure what that really means, but it was hilarious.  The gift shops are starting to sell Disney princess tutus that are adorable ($32.50).  I plan to make a similar Tinkerbell tutu with strips of green and white tulle!  It's really easy, and there are tons of DIY tutorials online.  You should try it!  They make for great Christmas gifts too (I made pink tutus for my cousins last year).

Are you ready for Christmas?  I need to head upstairs to help my mom wrap some gifts for her co-workers.  I LOVE wrapping and giving gifts!  Stay warm, and drive safely in this snowstorm!


  1. I'm probably going to comment on every single post :P i laughed out loud with the "june bug" thing! hahaa! I can't believe you're HOME!!!

  2. Hi, you're ADORABLE! Haha, I love your fierce expression and Fight On! in the roller coaster picture. :) Ahhh! So jealous you went to Disneyland TWICE!! I wanna go during winter sometime when they have all the Christmas decorations. ^_^ Glad to hear you're having a great break so far! (Also, I love your haircut too...)


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