Wednesday, December 1, 2010

help me pick a dress!!

Band banquet is on Sunday, and I don't know which dress to wear!  Here are the ones I'm debating among:
I wore this beige dress to my cousin's wedding rehearsal dinner two years ago.  I love the folded, origami-like band on the bodice, but this dress is a little bit too big.  When I wore this, I had to use safety pins inside, and then I sneezed and a couple of them popped open!!  It was so scary, but luckily I could reach under the tablecloth and up my dress to remove the open pins.  Hahahaha.
I wore this to a banquet in May.  Anything with ruffles is a win in my book, and I love twirling around in this skirt!  But the bodice is kind of see-through for some reason so I feel self conscious when I wear it.
This red dress is glittery, and who can resist glitter?
I wore this white glittery dress for Homecoming four years ago (that makes me feel old).  I think I want to wear something with color though.
My other option looks something like this, but not.  It's a strapless magenta bubble dress with a draping sash in front (from what I remember) and a little bit of lace on the side.  I haven't worn it for anything yet and I'm leaning towards wearing it with black heels and a black choker necklace.

What do you think?  Your comments will help immensely!
Also, as I was looking through old pictures, I started to take a trip down memory lane.  I love dressing up, and it's fun to think about all the memories that I place into my articles of clothing especially dresses.
Uncle's wedding, 1994.  I learned how to curtsy that day.
I'm pretty sure this day started my obsession with tulle.  And glittery shoes and sequins.  And curling my hair (it's hard to tell here, but it looked like a giant poofball of curls).
Hey, guys.  Mother's Day at preschool.
Teaparty to celebrate my friend Sarah's birthday (she's the one in the white dress). 
Prom, 2007.  I'd love to wear this dress again at a legit European ball.
Prom, 2008.
Such a pretty array of colors!
It was ridiculously windy and cold that day.  It was May, and the high was in the 40s.  The back of my dress was open and strappy.  My mom suggested that I wear a tank top underneath if I felt self-conscious haha.
Graduation, 2008.
Cousin Doug's wedding, 2008.  The dress was comfortable, elegant, and easy to pack in my luggage.  The back was open and strappy as well.
Good times!
Nikkei Banquet, 2009.  Another bubble dress in pink!
Meltdown, 2009.
Winter Formal, 2009.
And again at my sister's law school graduation, 2010.
I wear this green dress a lot.  I bought it for a high school dance where I had a date for the first time (even though the girls asked the guys because it was Turnabout).  It's really, really comfy.  I've worn it for a dance, a pageant I attended, for Halloween as Tinkerbell, and for Band Banquet last year!


  1. I liked #1, but I know you're leaning towards the magenta one. Color is always fun. ^_^

    I loved looking at all your prom/dressy pictures!

  2. Hehehe soooo pretty :) I love all of them but I'm in love with the red one with ruffles or the magenta one =]
    Maybe the magenta since u haven't worn it yet...
    Lovee youu

  3. Oh, and i'm planning on having a gigantic ball (eventually) hehe... so save that dress! you can wear it then :D

  4. LOL! I JUST noticed that Bartner is in your banquet picture!

  5. how many dresses do you own???? i found this through your tumblr!


  6. lol what can i say, i'm obsessed with dresses! i don't have them all at school with me, and i try to re-wear them as much as i can.


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