Sunday, December 5, 2010

i love being a Trojan

I have a pounding headache from sleep deprivation.  My lips are chapped.  My contacts are dry.  My french braids are coming undone, and I have hat hair.  My back and shoulders are a little sore especially after playing Conquest eight times in a row back to back.  My feet hurt.

And I'd gladly do it all over again right now.  I just got back from a victory against ucla (i HATE those guys).  My sister and her boyfriend saw me on TV!

It's the last game of the season which makes me want to cry because it's been an AWESOME season.  And also because I don't want the seniors to leave.  Andrea, thank you so much for the tattoo.  It was the icing on the cake, and I'm going to sleep with it on tonight because I don't want to wash Tommy Trojan off yet.  Or ever.

Oops I just remembered that I left two Starbursts in my uniform pants that I returned tonight....

Ok time to pass out.  I have to work on two papers tomorrow before band banquet at 5:00.  :( to :)

Fight on, my Faithful, Scholarly, Courageous, Ambitious, Skillful Trojans!!!

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  1. love your blog!
    new follower here!

    xo miss ashley


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