Tuesday, January 25, 2011

juice it up

Lately my creative juices haven't been flowing.  Maybe it's because the semester is starting to get busy.  I only got 3 hours of sleep last night.  :/

 I've been brainstorming for my photography project: 1 subject spoken in 7 different languages (languages as in 7 different forms [deconstructed, collage, photo montage, appropriated image, etc.]).  It is completely open-ended, and it's been pretty hard to take good pictures when I'm not even sure what I want to photograph.

My professor gave me some pointers, and I think I have better ideas for the re-shoot in terms of lighting and scenarios (which I have to get done by tomorrow night).  The final prints are due next Monday so I always have time to re-shoot after class tomorrow again if necessary.

I looked at a few blogs last night to refocus on art and design.  Aaron Feaver's whimsical photography sparked my imagination.

 What do you do to get yourself out of a creative rut?

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