Wednesday, February 23, 2011

happiest valentine's day

Last Monday, Josh went above and beyond to make my Valentine's Day the happiest ever.  I was so mindblown and spoiled that I don't even know what to do with myself.

When I got a text from Josh during my Marketing lecture, I thought he was kidding when he told me to "go outside" because he had a "delivery."  After being stubborn and giving him a hard time, I finally decided to quickly scurry out of the lecture hall.  I was expecting to see Josh, but instead, a tall white boy was standing awkwardly outside the door and looking around nervously.  After confirming that I was Daphne, he handed me this balloon and a bouquet of red tulips (there was supposed to be a card too, but he must have lost it somewhere [Josh had sent this awkward boy to my class because he was a pledge for his frat]).
Pleasantly surprised, I realized that this would be a theme for the day.

I was greeted by another suit-clad pledge in my Marketing discussion.  I had met him before so he recognized me, but he caused a little bit more of a scene in my class like Josh had intended (Josh wanted the first boy to shout my name in the lecture hall, but he chickened out).  This time I received this balloon and a Hello Kitty lunch box full of my favorite treats (thanks to a nice chat Josh had with Leslie).
The girls in my class were jealous, and the guy sitting next to me was very intrigued after I sat down with the lunchbox.  He told me, "Aw come on!  You have to open it now!" 

For my last class of the day, my deliverer was none other than Josh himself looking handsome in a festive red shirt.  He presented me with this balloon, a bouquet of pink roses, and my Valentine's/one month anniversary gift.
While I was in class from 6:00-9:00, Josh took the keys to my apartment and prepared an amazing Valentine's dinner: bruschetta, lobster macaroni and cheese, mini mocha and espresso cheescakes, and chocolate covered strawberries.
It was so delicious and just thinking about that day fills my heart with so much happiness.  Thank you so so so much, Josh!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to do as much for Josh as I had wanted to because I was swamped with work.  I wanted to decorate my apartment to surprise him when he used my kitchen, but I didn't have time.  And it turns out that Josh wanted to decorate my apartment while he was cooking and I was in class, but he didn't have time either.

I crocheted 2 love bunnies based on this pattern, but for some reason, the shape and proportions of their heads didn't really turn out the way I expected.  I wanted to sew magnets into their heads so that they could kiss, but the yarn interfered with the magnetic field so I opted for Velcro noses instead.
Josh thinks that they look more like wombats hahaha.

I also got him two Natalie Dee t-shirts, an artist whom we both appreciate (Leslie bought some shirts for Matt for Valentine's Day too).
Appropriate, yes?

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