Wednesday, March 16, 2011

sprrrriiiiinnnggg breakkkk kick-off: San Francisco!!

It's here!  It's finally, finally HERE!  Unfortunately it's Tuesday night already, but the past few days have been aweeeesome!

On Friday night, Josh and I picked up Leslie and got pumped for our weekend getaway to San Francisco.  We grabbed dinner at Panera, but since it was late and they were preparing to close, the selection was limited.  No bread bowl for Josh, and my roast beef sandwich was tinier than normal because they were clearly running short on bread.
The trip started off a little rocky (literally) because a stray pebble bounced into the windshield and left a small crack on our rental car (luckily, Josh was able to return the car on Sunday night without any troubles or extra charges).
We brought along our little wombat/bunny friends from Valentine's Day because Josh had wanted to include them in every picture we would take over the weekend.
It was so refreshing to see the open green fields, pristine blue sky, and breathe the sweet smog-free air!
But it was even sweeter to see my grandma!!  She is an adorably cute woman and hearing my uncle tell stories about her nurses and doctors was very entertaining as usual.  Grandma showered us with hugs and even some thumbs-up!  When we visited her bedroom, we noticed that one of her roommates had a large shelf of stuffed animals and Beanie Babies.  Josh whispered to me, "Give your grandma the wombats!" and when I did, her heart swelled with joy.
Josh, thank you for generously giving up the wombats and suggesting that I give them to my grandma.  I know she really appreciates them (even though she's having my uncle keep them for now because she's scared that someone will steal them), and I will make you more cute yet vaguely unrecognizable animals soon!!

At night, Leslie, Matt, Josh, and I went downtown and had dinner at Wipeout Bar & Grill at Pier 39.
We all shared nachos and cheese and calamari appetizers (YES, MATT ACTUALLY TRIED A LITTLE PIECE OF CALAMARI).  For the main course, Matt had a burger with his own ketchup doodle of Stitches, Leslie enjoyed a house salad and fish and chips, and Josh and I split some mahi mahi over coconut rice with a lime avocado sauce.
Josh and I wanted to save room for the spicy crab and shrimp chowder at Hook & Cook!  Yayyy it was so yummy, and we were SO FULL afterwards.  So what better way to cure a food coma than by trying on silly hats at Kaps (Matt bought the cute monkey one), taking crazy pictures, and playing some arcade basketball??
 To end the night, we used the arcade prize tickets to claim some friendship rings (awesome claw hand poses, yes?).  Josh and I saved ours by attaching them to our keyrings.
After a very amusing taxi ride back to the Bart station (SHOOT!!!), we made it home safe and sound, slept in a little on Sunday morning, and returned to L.A. on Sunday night.
See you soon, San Francisco!

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