Monday, April 4, 2011

spoonfuls of sugar

Last weekend begin with a much needed reunion with the sophomore flutes (since I was a spring admit, I'm a junior in school but a sophomore in band).  Too bad all ten of us couldn't be together because Merie and Kelsey were at the Lady Gaga concert!

We see each other almost everyday in the fall semester, but we tend to get lost in our busy lives in the spring.  On Thursday night, we finally updated each other with our most recent adventures over some good ol' meaty Korean barbecue.

We had such a good time together that dinner was just not enough so we spontaneously hit up Scoops!

 The seven of us (Nan had to leave after kbbq) clustered around as usual and probably drove the servers nuts with our requests for samples, but they were super friendly and patient with us.
They have really unique flavors like Porto Wine Raisin, Honey Salt, Coffee Cardamum, and Brown Bread.  Funny story- my roommate Lauren was at Scoops that night too, arriving probably within minutes of me leaving.

My favorites: Hazelnut, Chocolate Lavender, and a night with seven awesome groskies!


  1. I posted about this place too!! It's soo yummmy

  2. omg chocolate lavender...
    im drooling right now.


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