Monday, May 16, 2011

fight on forever, class of 2011

Congratulations to all of the graduates on Friday!
I stayed up pretty late last week to make handmade crochet leis for my friends!  I wanted to make more like the one on the left, but it took an entire day to make so I resorted to simple crochet chains for the rest.  After a while, they started to resemble long strips of bacon to me heehee.
Trojan cake at the Asian Pacific American Student Association Graduation Ceremony on Thursday night.
Giant rose lei and cute takochu lei for Josh!  Many will be available in my Etsy shoppe soon.
Delicious fruit tart and mango mousse (and an array of other fancy finger foods) at Josh's graduation at Town and Gown.


  1. DAPHNE!!!! I love love love every picture omg you captured some great moments :):) and your handmade lei is so impressive, seriously thank you so much for making me one- I'm going to wear it when I graduate next year too :) My parents are like enthralled by your handiwork and your sheer CUTENESS haahha they can't believe that you're not 13 years old. xD I freaking love you soo much; we need to chill at urth caffe by ourselves more ;) oh and the other lei you made for josh is WAY cute, omg that must've taken days!! and I love the picture you took of andi holding hers with her smile in the background. You and Josh are too cute, I bet his family adores you :)

  2. DAPHNE oh my gosh I'm going to completely agree with Marilyn and just say that I love every single picture in here, and I love you and your amazing leis even more! Thank you so much, it made me feel so special putting it on that morning, knowing that I got to wear one of your amazing creations :D Seriously though, this post makes me so happy, and all the pictures of Josh's family are adorable. You guys are too cute for words! I'll have to upload the pictures from my camera soon too, but I don't think anything can compare to your photography skills :P ps I showed my pictures to my mom and she thinks you and Josh are the cutest too! Hehe. Can't wait for more picture opps and fun times with you guys :)


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