Wednesday, May 18, 2011

strolling along abbot kinney

Saturday morning began with brunch in Venice with Andrea, Josh, and Marilyn.  
Our mission: enjoy a delicious feast at Gjelina.  
Overpriced fresh-squeezed lemonade
Whimsical atmosphere (that's a paper airplane made from the menu) with quaint vintage furniture and a firepit (not pictured) in the middle of the outdoor dining area.
Mine:  Crispy sunny eggs with prosciutto, romesco, arugula, and lemon.
Josh's: Asparagus and smoked salmon soft scramble
Shared appetizer:  Thin pizza with duck sausage, nameko mushroom, garlic, and mozerella
Marilyn's and Andrea's:  Smoked trout, shitake mushroom, lemon brown butter, and poached eggs

The outcome: Food that tingled our tastebuds but left our tummies still growling. (for more details, read Marilyn's post).  

The solution: Kogi Truck!
Short rib and spicy pork tacos.
Andrea's Blackjack Quesadilla.
Charming storefronts that lined Abbot Kinney...
Look at the canopy!  And tassels in the bunting!
One day I shall have lanterns and windchimes hanging on my porch.
Ivy and twinkle lights around the door and entryway.  I bet this looks beautiful at night.
Funny find outside a vintage store.
 As we stood in line at the Kogi Truck, we were approached by a timid and awkward boy who looked like a freshman on his first day of high school.  He gave us a flyer about a bake sale to support Japan relief funds.  We decided to check it out, but based on his presentation, I never would have expected the bake sale to look as amazing as this!
 Bacon and caramel popcorn, assorted cookies and chocolate, some Japanese-inspired treats...and all homemade
Andrea, Marilyn, and I each bought a strawberry buttercream cupcake filled with strawberry preserve.  And by buttercream, I mean BUTTER.  However, it was a nice, not-too-sweet way to cleanse our palettes and conclude our visit to Abbot Kinney!


  1. I was talking to my mommy today and she mentioned Abbot Kinney, and I was like, Oh, I heard about that! because I'd read about it on your blog. :) Hope you're having a good time at home!


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