Monday, June 6, 2011

the best thing i ever ate, pt. II

As you can tell by the influx of food-gushing posts, being home in Chicago means that I am blessed with really amazing food!  I only post about noteworthy restaurants and dishes.  A perfect example is Union Pizzeria in Evanston.

My mom and I tried Union for the first time last summer.  We instantly loved the atmosphere (I want the bar's light fixture in my future home!).  Not pictured is the cozy sofa lounge area and the stone oven for wood-fired pizzas.  Plus they use locally grown and organic ingredients!
Wild Mushroom Pizza with Béchamel, Fontina & Sage
To be honest, their pizzas aren't that impressive.  The ingredients are very flavorful, but the crust is lacking.  Could be thinner and crunchier in my opinion. 
Hot Octopus Small Plate with Potato, Gaeta Olives, Scallions & Lemon
More, please!!  The octopus is tender beyond belief!  At first, I was hesitant to eat the olives because I didn't want them to overpower my tastebuds but once I ate one, I couldn't resist eating the rest.  Like the octopus, they were very sweet and tender.
White Fish with Lemon and Caper Piccata 
The main attraction!!!  The white fish is on Union's Daily Plate Menu.  In other words, it is only offered on Fridays.  This picture doesn't really give it justice because it was so dark.  Here's a picture from last summer:
When my mom and I had this dish last summer, we chowed it down in less than five minutes.  This time around, we were smarter and ordered one for each of us haha.  It was just as we had remembered- fresh white fish, thinly sliced potatoes, and that magical and slightly zesty sauce.  My favorite thing about this dish is its clean taste.  It's light but filling and leaves you feeling very satisfied!

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