Monday, June 6, 2011

green city market

Saturday morning was spent at the Green City Market in Lincoln Park.  Even though we rose bright and early in an attempt to beat the heat and the crowd, it was unbearably humid.  Hello, summer!
I really enjoyed the relaxing vibe of the market.  Everyone was calmly browsing and munching on samples.  No pushing and shoving like at Chinese supermarkets!
 Apple Cider Donuts from Zullo's
Crispy and sugary on the outside, soft and cinnamony on the inside.  They were very popular but also bite-sized so they disappeared in no time.  I didn't feel that they were worth the $5 because I've had better (and bigger) apple cider donuts from Long Grove.
Nothing screams summer than a bike adorned with flowers!
Check out the grilled cheese bit samples!  We were instantly intrigued and eventually bought two blocks of the cheddar cheese (classic and garlic).
We bought two stalks of asparagus too, one green and one purple (after we cooked them, they both looked green).  Along with spinach stuffed portobello mushrooms that I cooked, they made a great side dish to accompany a rare filet mignon.
My mom made a refreshing dessert that I had been craving: blended honeydew with pink and green tapioca.  The perfect way to end a summer day!

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