Saturday, June 25, 2011

gene and jude's

 In the town of River Grove, IL, you will find Gene and Jude's, home of THE BEST hot dog in America.  Seriously!!  It was voted by Serious Eats and Rachel Ray in her magazine.
 Chicago style dogs are incredible on their own, but Gene and Jude's goes above and beyond.  Their menu is simple but they frown upon any changes to it especially if you ask for ketchup. 
Gene and Jude's dogs are loaded with good stuff.  They even have cute little hot dog trays to prepare them as neatly as possible.  It's also efficient and keeps the humongous line moving. 
I personally love hot dogs with cheese (and I'm tempted to bring my own cheese sauce next time.  Cheese fries on a cheese dog!  Yeah!), but Gene and Jude's really hit the spot regardless.  My mom and I got the Double Dog- two Vienna Beef hot dogs that literally SNAP when you bite into them!  SOOOO GOOOOD.  I'm drooling as I look at these pictures.  We strayed away from the relish because we don't think we like it (what does it taste like?  I was too scared it would ruin the taste), but the onions, mustard, sport peppers, and fresh fries overflow with deliciousness from the bun.  The sport peppers (I had two in mine) and mustard add the perfect spice, and I normally don't care too much for onions but they were a must-have on this dog.

We devoured our double dogs in the parking lot because Gene and Jude's is just a hot dog stand, no dining area.  The dogs would've gotten soggy by the time we drove home.  A lot of people did the same; some even brought cozy picnic blankets to lay on top of their cars.  

 I can't wait to eat more when I'm back home in Chicago for Christmas!!!!

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