Sunday, July 17, 2011

happy birthday, disneyland!!!!

Happy birthday to the happiest place on earth!!!  

My love for Disneyland started at the age of 10 when I visited Disneyland for the first time after helping Leslie move into USC.  After that, it became an annual tradition to spend a day (or two) at Disneyland whenever we were in Los Angeles.  Now I have the luxury of living in Los Angeles as well AND being an annual passport holder AND having a lovely, caring, generous, awesome boyfriend who drives me there AND dresses up with me!
I've been to Disneyworld once, but I always prefer Disneyland because it is the home of all the magic.  Plus I can enjoy it more instead of being exhausted from roaming around a gigantic park.  

My family, friends, and I have had countless adventures at Disneyland...
 From taking awkward pictures.... celebrating its 50th birthday.
 We've seen Disneyland in every season,

 gotten dud cars on Autopia (and maybe accidentally bumped them) (and also gotten weird remarks from Autopia cast members, i.e. "Hey there, Tinkerbell!  Welcome back, Tinkerbell!" or something along the lines of that.  It was weird, that's all I remember.  Right, Leslie and Matt?),
 and ridden (and seen!) Dumbo.

We've had our fair share of character encounters....
(Frozone was a little too friendly to Matt....)    
    purchased plenty of souvenir collectibles...

 and won plenty of stuffed animals...
 Space Mountain and California Screamin' are at the top of my list of favorites,

but Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters is always fun too, especially when you're riding and competing with a pro.

 We've made wishes at Snow White's wishing well,
and seen the Electric Parade come and go at California Adventure.  (I wish it would come back!  I miss it so much!  At least I have Pixie Hollow now).

No matter how many times I go to Disneyland, I always get giddy!  I can never contain my excitement.

 Everytime I go to Disneyland, my visit is never complete unless I dress up!  I've sported Minnie Mouse gear, a Belle crown, and my much loved Tinkerbell wings and tutu.

(I get a little mismatched sometimes)
I've conquered a few turkey legs and funnel cakes,
and found Hidden Mickeys.

 We've gotten birthday and anniversary pins,
 and survived the swinging the swinging cages on Mickey's Fun Wheel at the Paradise Pier (those things are scarier than you'd think!)

We've watched many seasons of fireworks,
and have seen it snow on Main Street!
I watched a documentary about Disneyland a couple of weeks ago that highlighted each ride and how it has developed over the years.  I love Disneyland so much because it is steeped in so much history and magic, a beautiful success story from someone who believed in imagination and dreams and built a legend from his creativity.  Everything at Disneyland has a story behind it (personally and historically), and I am so grateful for the 56 years of magic it has brought to the world.  Cheers to many more!

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