Friday, August 26, 2011

i'm alive!

If you've been wondering why my blog has been on hiatus for over a week, it's because I've been consumed by band, school, work, and activities.

The video above barely gives justice to the amount of work, time, and sweat we put into TMB.  It's hard to believe that it was my last band camp ever.  I'll try not to miss it too much :p

The first week of classes has been alright, but the work has already piled up.  The class that is stressing me out the most is for my senior multimedia thesis.  I'm still trying to redevelop my ideas and articulate the topic of my thesis, but time is never on my side.

One of the goals at the top of my list is to get more sleep this semester.  I tend to stay up really late and overwork myself, but in the end, it usually only harms my productivity and ability to function the next day.  I clearly remember last fall when I would do homework until the whee hours of the morning, pass out for a few hours on my books, and wake up startled and worried that I was late for my first class.  This vicious cycle eventually led to pretty serious illness by November, leaving me nearly bedridden for about two weeks (actually, I probably should've just stayed in bed that entire time, but I had too many things to do and places to be, even as a sick little girl).  So this semester, I definitely want to work on managing my time not just for school, work, and activities, but also to allow for adequate sleep.

More posts to come soon!  I always check my favorite blogs at the start of each day or as I take breaks throughout the day.  For some of you, I've realized that my blog is on your list of daily favorites.  Thank you so much for reading (and checking up during my two week hiatus), and I'll be sure to update more frequently to help you get through the day with nice things!


  1. "whee" hours of the morning...heh heh...;)
    Hopefully there's some time for Dandis! :D

  2. HAHA oops! i meant "wee"! <3 Dandis! <3


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