Tuesday, August 9, 2011

larchmont bungalow

The start of my Last Weekend of Summer began with an afternoon snack at Larchmont Bungalow.  Josh had a Groupon that was close to expiring so it was now or never.  We wanted to go there a little later to avoid the brunch crowd so we munched on lefover Papa John's pizza until 4:00.  Even when we arrived, there were quite a few diners.  We chose to sit indoors, but like the Yelp reviews had warned us, we were still bothered by plenty of flies.
Trying their famous Red and Blue Velvet Pancakes was a no-brainer.  The presentation was beautiful, but they were a little troublesome to eat because the plate was so thin and the outside of the pancakes were very firm.  They're filled and topped with cream cheese spread (Josh thought it was a little too sour) and pecans.
I added a little syrup, but it was unnecessary because the little cakes were sweet and rich enough on their own.  Indeed they were very cakey, and even though I have quite the sweet tooth,  I could barely finish one on my own (I've been slowly munching on the leftovers for the past few days).  I'm not sure if I'd order it again, but I did enjoy the novelty of these cute little guys!
Thank goodness we ordered the Seafood Lover's Omelet!!!  At first we were tempted to try the Meat Sensation Omelet, but like I mentioned, we had just eaten leftover pizza which had almost the same ingredients.  The Seafood Lover's Omelet was stuffed with heapings of crab, lobster, shrimp, and spinach and drizzled with a truffle hollandaise.  It was also served with a side of breakfast potatoes and sourdough toast.  We cleaned the plate!

We also ordered their special for the day, Moroccan Iced Coffee.  It was more on the mocha side, but I'll take coffee in any shape, size, or flavor.
Larchmont Boulevard is a quaint street lined with colorful shops and boutiques.  It reminded me of a smaller version of downtown Naperville back home in Illinois.  Afterwards, we continued strolling and window shopping at The Grove.

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