Saturday, September 24, 2011

lobster festival

Last Friday, Josh and I went to the Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival.  We planned it a week in advance, and we dreamt about lobsters every day leading up to Friday (and I've had a few post-lobster fest dreams i.e. eating lobsters at Disneyland).  We left immediately after I got dismissed from band rehearsal and made it back by 10 p.m. in time for me to attend game day festivities with the flutes at Flaus!

There were a bunch of carnival games and rides and other food vendors and trucks like the Nom Nom Truck and Lobsta Truck.  We were frequently approached by dessert vendors who were carrying trays of chocolate covered strawberries.  Although they were tempting, we had our sights set on only one thing: LOBSTER.
$19 Lobster Meal: One 1.25 lb. fresh Maine lobster
$33 Lobster Meal: Two 1.25 fresh Maine lobsters
Sides: Cajun potatoes, cole slaw, bread roll, butter (although it looks like applesauce from the pictures), a heaping of lemons (I spritzed them on my lobster, but Josh told me it was for cleaning the fishy smell from your hands.  Whatever!)

We bought three lobsters total.  With the price of admission ($8 instead of $10 thanks to a coupon online), it was a total of $68.  Some people feel that it's overpriced but that first bite of lobster, after lusting a week for it, was soooooo worth it!
As we were barbarically dissecting our lobsters with our hands, a couple sat down next to us and ate their lobsters with a knife and fork.  They asked if we ate the lobster heads, we said yes, and they gave us theirs for free!  In return, we gave them some of our tail meat.
 Sorry, little guys!  But you're so delicious!
(Josh deleted all the pictures I took of him.  Lame...but at least he wore the lobster shirt I got him.)

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