Monday, October 10, 2011

ohhhh octoberrrrr

It's hoodie/blazer/jacket/boots/midterm season!  It's also my busiest month of the year!  My bedtime has been getting later and later, my to-do list is getting longer and longer.  But that's ok because I like being busy and keeping myself productive.  I'm going to end my senior year with bang!

Things I've learned:
-Unlike many of my other shoes, the boots I bought over the summer keep my toesies dry and cozy.  Yayyyyy.   
-I really need to flesh out my IML thesis.  A couple weeks ago, I was going to make a post titled "Direction."  But after last week's class, I feel anything but that.  My professor questions every detail of an argument with highly scholarly language; it's confusing and makes you question everything you ever thought you knew.  I refuse to be intimidated!!
-CN script is taking longer to write than I anticipated.  Coffee might remedy that.

Things to look forward to:
-I get a free trip home to Chicago next week when we beat notre dame!  We stay in Chicago and take a bus to South Bend, Indiana.  Traveling and itineraries stress me out, but I love spending time in the city and showing my friends around.  I get to see my parents when we perform the rally at Navy Pier too! 
Side note: How is this trip already next week?!?!?  I feel like I've been staring at it on my calendar, telling myself to get as much homework and studying done before the trip and now it has suddenly crept up on me.  Also, I feel like I was just on the notre dame trip from my freshman year in band.
-Mommy and Daddy are visiting for Parents' Weekend in two weeks!  Excited for lots of food, Trojan football against stanford, and DISNEYLAND!!!

Things on my mind:
-Graduation is quickly approaching.  Cue panic attacks.  I need to get my life together.
-Asian pears are delicious.
-My voice is still raspy, but I'm not sick.
-Receiving surprise mail from Jennifer and a phone call from Sarah (I missed it because I was in class ugh) brightens my day.  I need to find time to call you guys!!
-I attempt to grow my bangs out, but I always get frustrated and trim them again.  I'll resist the temptation...for now.
-I wish my bike wasn't so troubled.  In the past two weeks, both the front and back tires have gone flat.  I got them fixed and they should be good now, but it still makes me paranoid.  It's funny how I got a bike last year, and now I feel so helpless without it when I have to walk.
-I miss designing.  I made this design in Photoshop for the CN Info Session Pamphlet last week based on a fragment of another design (I found it on Pinterest, but I can't find it again now) and the daruma design from last year.  I should learn Illustrator.
-Senior portraits make me feel old.  Didn't I just take my high school portraits??

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  1. Wahhhhh!! Omg, I can't believe you took your senior portraits!!!
    And I agree, Asian pears are delicious. :)
    Also, LOVE the info pamphlet! Yay CN! :D


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