Monday, September 12, 2011


It's really cold outside right now.  I wish I could rewind to Friday night!

Josh surprised me with dinner at Jazz Cat Cafe in San Gabriel (pictures were taken on Josh's phone because I was completely unaware that we would be going out so I didn't have my camera with me).  It was the first time I had ever eaten hot pot at a restaurant.  My parents have always prepared the ingredients so we can enjoy hot pot in the comfort and warmth of our home usually around New Year's Eve.  Either way, I'm very spoiled.

We had to wait quite a while, but I really enjoyed catching up with Josh and just relaxing.  I've been busy with school and band and thesis and stuff, and he's been spending long hours and late nights at the lab to finish up his grant and work on ambitious projects.  Before we knew it, our table was ready and our tummies were very hungry.  The decor was very sleek and kind of flashy (sparkly beaded curtains, plush snakeskin-leather seats, ornate dividers on the tables).

I ordered the House Special broth which had a seafood base while Josh feasted on the Creamy Corn soup base.  We both ordered beef, and it came with a plate of assorted vegetables, seafood fixings, and a handful of vermicelli (napa, bok choy, enoki mushrooms, broccoli, squash, baby corn, onions, one unpeeled shrimp, one stick of imitation crab meat, two tofu cubes, two different fish balls...and also an egg that I almost failed at cracking into the soup).  At first glance, I didn't think it was going to fill me up, but boy was I wrong!

We each had our own cute stove station.
Josh's broth was good, but I'm not really used to hot pot chowder.  Maybe next time I'll try the spicy House Special broth.
I love surprises, especially surprises from Josh!!!  They always leave me beaming, can't you tell?  Thank you for an amazing date, Josh!   
Ok, too many pictures.  Time to FEAST! (especially since I've been craving vegetables like bok choy).  We both burned our tongues on the broth, but it was totally worth it.  AND, as if a hot pot surprise wasn't enough, Josh continued to spoil me with mango boba afterwards!  It was the best way to welcome gameday at midnight!

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