Friday, September 9, 2011


Happy birthday, Mommy!!!!  Thank you for everything you do for me...

Showing me new sights and sounds,

Cooking me feasts whenever I'm home, (yes, this plate was all for me)

Sharing a white chocolate mocha with me on a frigid stroll around Oakbrook Mall,
Being cute and casual with a stuffed animal dragon wrapped around your purse,
Letting me try new and delicious things (like truffle risotto from Abigail's!),

Treating me to an afternoon snack of boba and soft shell crab,

For everything you do and for loving me unconditionally, you truly are the best and you deserve the best day ever!  I hope you enjoy your gift, and I wish I could do more to celebrate with you.  Parents' Weekend can't come soon enough!

I love you, and I miss you!  Hugs and kisses!!!

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