Saturday, December 31, 2011

the happiest year on earth

On Dec. 15, 2010, I purchased a Deluxe Annual Pass at Disneyland- the beginning of some very precious memories!
I've met a lot of characters, seen a lot of fireworks, eaten a lot of turkey legs, and gotten warnings from cast members about my Tinkerbell outfit (apparently I'm too overdressed when I wear the wings and tutu because clearly a small child will confuse me for the real Tinkerbell).

I finally saw World of Color and beat Josh at Astro Blasters (probably out of pity, but the points don't lie!)

I won Bullseye for Leslie and had my fair share of happy drinks.

We've taken lots of pictures and collected a lot of park pins including ones that say Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Happily Ever After (Josh and I got that one from a cast member on Storybook Island), and Honorary Citizen (my mom got a couple of those pins during their visit on Parents Weekend because the cast member at the ticket counter was from Chicago too so she crowned us as honorary).

This was our Christmas card photo!

(There are some more pictures from Christmas but Leslie hasn't had time to import them from her camera.  They'll be updated on here soon!)

I always feared that getting an Annual Pass would make Disneyland less magical.  But I couldn't have been farther from the truth!  No matter how many times I go to Disneyland, I never get tired of the classic rides and attractions and seeing people's reactions to the shows.  The princess scene in Fantasmic still chokes me up, and I always get excited to see Tinkerbell do her thing during the fireworks.  Although the prices for the Annual Passes have risen, I'd like to renew my pass in the near future.  It's been an amazing year!

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