Sunday, January 1, 2012

hello 2012!

One year ago:
-I cut off 16 inches of my hair
-I had just gotten my Disneyland Annual Pass
-Josh and I barely knew each other.  He knew me as "that hyper Beefstick girl" after he misheard me when I introduced myself to him at a band party.  And I declined his invitations to hang out even after he sent me his phone number via Facebook message.  Whoops.
-I had no direction for my thesis.
-I had no direction for my career.  But after taking an advertising class last semester (a class I've wanted to take for a while but it always conflicted with my schedule), I've become very interested in working at an ad agency as a copywriter and hopefully moving my way up to a Creative Director someday.

In the spirit of my family's New Year's Eve tradition, my parents cooked up a hot pot storm!

Lobster, jumbo shrimp, squid, fish, beef, chicken, enoki mushrooms, napa, and udon just to name a few in the wide spread that my parents prepared. 
Scooping out the udon noodles is a tricky business that my dad does not enjoy.
Dump some stuff in and stir it around until it cooks thoroughly.  Repeat.  
Your bowl can't survive a minute without getting a facelift.

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