Monday, October 1, 2012

september paint by numbers

Melody's post inspired me to pick up my watercolor pencils and doodle September's highlights. I was a little disappointed that the watercolors didn't scan as nicely as they look in person, and the last row of dates got cut off, but I guess that adds to its uniqueness. I sketch concepts at work so it's nice to practice on stuff for myself. Plus it's fun!

1. Kicked off the Trojan football season with a 49-10 victory over hawaii
9. Bought my mom a Breville juicer for her birthday (love you!)
13. To celebrate my co-worker's birthday, I made his favorite snack (rice krispy treats) and picked up his favorite blueberry donuts from M&M Donuts. Throughout the day, we feasted on ham and cheese croissants and ordered lunch from Anepalco's Cafe. Needless to say, we didn't get much work done that day.
14. Wingstop date on a Friday night - simple and delicious!
16. The return of Lobster Fest (see our lobster festivities from last year here). This year, we went in the morning with Josh's lab and ate twice as many lobsters!
21. In an effort to stay fit and burn off the calories from all the aforementioned food, Kristine and I have begun using exercise balls as chairs at work. We usually sit on them for a couple hours, do some leg lifts, bounce around, and try to bring them home to work out on the weekends.
22. Partied with Leslie and Matt as we watched the Trojan victory against cal! After the game, we played Wii games all night like Worms and Mario Kart.
29. Best investment ever: portable gas stove. Josh and I have been obsessed with making hot pot/shabu shabu with thinly sliced beef, udon, napa, bok choy, and enoki mushrooms...basically anything we can douse in ponzu sauce.
30. While we're gathered around the hot pot, we watch a Korean drama on Hulu called "Secret Garden." It's kind of silly, mostly romantic (the opening credits show a couple of sparkly butterflies)

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  1. awww... these look amazing! I love it! :)
    I got really lazy and haven't done my september, but this makes me really want to do it now!

    ooooooo, and 29 is making me want hot pot really bad right now! haha!


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