Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the upside of a pretty sour night

Studying for finals is no fun.  Falling asleep while trying to read and study is bad too.  And on top of it all, trying to help a rude student at work and attempting to help another student with a program in which I have little and outdated experience (and later being berated for not doing my job even though I was never given training) really dampens my spirits.

However, coming home to this email thread gives me hope:

Thanks again for your participation in the 40th Anniversary. Our records show that you didn't pick up your DVD at Band Banquet, so your copy awaits you in the office. Please stop by any weekday during finals week between 11am and 6pm to pick it up, or during regular business hours in the spring.

Thanks, and Fight On!

Just wanted to let you know for your records that I didn't actually participate in the 40th because I attended a banquet that was on the same night.



Honesty is much appreciated. I'll update our list.

Karma, I'm waiting for you.  Any day now.

At least I can end the night on a happier note with Primal SCream.  It's a tradition during finals for the marching band to play some rock charts in front of the library for about 15 minutes.  It's a great stress reliever and also one of my favorite gigs.


  1. It is just wrong for someone at work to berate you when you have had no training.


    I'm sorry. I hope you are feeling better today and that you have a much better day.

  2. karma will come back to you.
    you GO GIRL!

  3. Wow, thank you so much for your concern and kind words! I'm having a much better day (well as good as studying and working on projects can get), and I hope you're having great days as well!


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