Tuesday, June 7, 2011

fresh takoyaki

Every now and then, the Mitsuwa Japanese supermarket in Arlington Heights holds special food festivals where they offer fresh, homemade treats like mochi and sweet potato pie with Fuji apple.  In addition, on Sunday they were selling takoyaki, a cute pan-fried dumpling with a chunk of octopus inside.

Takoyaki reminds me of my takochu dudes!


  1. wow, i hope you're bringing everything back to cali so i can eat some!

  2. actually, nvm. i'll be happy with just you :)

  3. but seriously, it's like torture when i look at your blog since i starve myself at work :(

  4. @bap - *barf* jk. ;) You're stealing my lines! I'm just not quick enough... :(

    (in response to this post) OMG, I LOVE TAKOYAKI!!!


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