Sunday, July 24, 2011

kushi shabu

To celebrate our six month anniversary, Josh took me to Kushi Shabu for all you can eat shabu shabu!!  Since they had an early bird special on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (if you eat before 7 P.M., everything on the menu is 20% off), Josh spoiled me with kobe-style beef.  We had eight plates, and it was glorious.
 The beef is sliced so thinly that you have to take it out within 3-4 seconds or else it'll overcook.
 The ponzu sauce (left) was our favorite for dipping the beef.  It was more on the sour side and tasted amazing with the green onions and some chile oil.  The goma sauce (right) was tasty for the vegetables.  It was sweet like peanut sauce.
The meal also came with dessert so Josh and I got two orders of green tea and lychee ice cream.

Thank you sooo much, Josh, for everything you do for me!!!! <3 <3

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