Friday, September 2, 2011

i'm longing for a new layout

But I'm too busy with school, band, work, and activities to design anything new.

I'm especially longing for some change around here because I spent the past 2-3 months working on a website for ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives.  (That's kind of why my plans for my Etsy fell through.  I have to keep my priorities straight!).  Their three-part exhibit Cruising the Archive is launching soon, and I had the pleasure to work with them to create a website for it.  For more information, see it here:

I went through a couple designs and drafts (i.e.,, but in the end, the current website was the most functional and looked the cleanest.

Even though coding gives me a headache sometimes (I'm no expert, seriously), I'm really thankful I learned my way around it.  I highly recommend IML400!

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