Monday, November 14, 2011

parents weekend

Three weeks ago my parents visited for Parents Weekend! Yummy food and leftovers galore!

Thursday's dinner: Elite Restaurant
  Fish maw soup MMMMMMM!
Filet mignon for Matt, our picky eater :P  

Matt's parents also drove down from Turlock to have dinner with us on Friday at Honey Pig and spend the day with us at Disneyland on Sunday.

Kimchi, pork belly, and bean sprouts ordered and cooked by Josh

"Big shrimp"- they ain't kidding!

Although Saturday should have been a Trojan victory, it was nevertheless the best game I've ever seen at the Coliseum and I was so proud of our team.  In the words of Dr. Bartner: "Tonight, the team played their hearts out!  Tonight, the band played their hearts out!  And next week, we're going to kick the buffalo's butts!" (and we did heehee).  They've been playing really well lately, and I'm excited to beat the ducks on Saturday!

Saturday: beat the farm!

Sunday: dim sum and Disneyland! (and dinner at Tasty Garden but I was too burnt out to take pictures)

Space Mountain was transformed into Ghost Galaxy for Halloween!
My dad tried on a Grumpy hat and made a "grumpy" face.  

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